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Bed protector mattress protector

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Size  : 210 X 90 cm.

- It is 100% natural wool and the outer fabric is 100% natural cotton fabric.
- There is no harm to nature or animals at all stages of the production process.
- Wool tends to stay drier and cooler than the surrounding environment. The outside of the wool is hydrophobic, which repels liquid, while the inside of the wool is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture. Therefore, it does not cause sweating.
- Dust mites, mold, and other aggravating allergens typically require a warm, moist environment to thrive. Due to its fibrous structure, wool can hold 30% of its weight in water without getting wet. Those with allergies can sleep better and more comfortably under wool.
- Unlike synthetic fibers, which can lose their flexibility, wool can stretch and return to its original shape thanks to the natural fold and spiral structure in it. In addition to this wonderful feature, 100% organic wool, which is separated into very fine fibers, creates a flexible, soft and light filling for pillows, duvets, mattresses and even cushions.
- Even though they look clean in the package, sleep products such as synthetic pillows and duvets are subjected to chemicals such as formaldehyde and perfluorine. Most of us may not feel these small amounts when we breathe them in, but if you have chemical sensitivity, even a small amount can trigger reactions ranging from headaches to skin irritations. Unfortunately, washing cannot completely remove this effect. There are absolutely no toxic chemicals in 100% organic wool products.
- The lanolin and tiny hairs found in wool make it unsuitable for dust mites. Wool's moisture-resistant properties also naturally deter mold and mildew. In short, you can be sure that you are completely hygienic when you sleep with a 100% organic pillow and organic wool duvet.
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