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Marketplace of unique brands
Marketplace of unique brands

FAQ for seller

1-How to Open a Store?

  • Click the Become a Seller button
  • Click on new seller
  • Choose the plan that suits you
  • Create your account
  • Sign in to your plan
  • Your Store is Opened

2-Is there a fee to open a store?

  • We have a free plan, we have different plans if you want

3-How to list the product?

  • You can easily list it from the product listing section of your very simple panel.

4-How to list product types?

  • You can list the types you want from the very simple product listing section.

5-How to Personalize Products?

  • You can add a text name, etc. to your product from the personalization section in the very simple product listing section.

6-What are the dimensions of the product images?

  • Product Images must be 1064 x 1064

7-What should be considered in product images?

8-How to upload product videos?

  • From the very simple product listing section, it must be 5 MB and in mp4 format.

9-How are payments made in wboxgo?

  • The seller receives her payment to the bank she specified every 14 days.

10-What are the commissions and other deductions?

  • Commissions vary as 17%, 15%, 13% depending on your Plan

11-How does shipping work on Wboxgo?

  • There are two models: FBW and FBM
    We can ship it from our warehouses or you can send it to the buyer yourself.

12-How to return a product on Wboxgo?

  • Buyers may return it to wboxgo's warehouse in the USA

13- How do returns work?

  • Unless there is a defect in the product, the returns are buyers' obligation. If the goods are faulty, the seller must pay for the return cargo. If there is a dispute, Wboxgo will mediate to solve the issue.