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Marketplace of unique brands
Calling the Muse: The AHA! Moment in your Creative Process

Calling the Muse: The AHA! Moment in your Creative Process

Creativity is a mysterious process, a process that begins with love, childlike curiosity and excitement. That warm, bubbly feeling you get in your heart when the Muse visits is something that many artists, writers and creators alike welcome with exhilaration. A spark of an idea ignites a series of ideas that create an emotional movement.  With this emotional movement we dance with ideas, crafts, art, music and all the good things in life.

Unleashing the creative power within can be a little tricky because ideas may not flow easily. You might get caught up in irrelevant thoughts in your head, as most of us do. But there are always fun ways to make creativity happen. Here are some tips on how to call on your inspiration angels.

Keep an Open Mind

Don't force yourself to come up with ideas quickly; treat the creative process as an ebb and flow of a multitude of ideas. Try not to worry about time. I know it is difficult in our busy lives not to stress about deadlines, but listen to me: The Muse doesn't like it when you keep looking at the clock! Try to relax and just let the thoughts pass by, observe them and see if they give you the excitement you need. Once you catch some thoughts, see if they resonate with your creative project.

Surround Yourself with Creative Objects

Creativity often thrives in an atmosphere of playfulness and experimentation. Objects that are quirky, unusual or whimsical like this Yao Yuan Hand-Blown Glass Vaze with Face can help cultivate a sense of play. Furnishing your home with cozy objects from different cultures like this Turkish Oriental Rug can give you a sense of comfort. Drinking your favorite tea out of a Vintage Royal Albert Senorita Cup will teleport you back in time and invite you to a creative mindset. Objects like these will add character and depth to your environment, serving you as a reminder that when it comes to creativity, sky is the limit and it has no boundaries.

Take a Creative Walk

No wonder why so many writers and artists seek inspiration in cafes and restaurants once frequented by other famous writers and artists. Visit such places to feel the creative vibes. Don’t feel like going out? Try dancing in one of these tango shoes in the mirror- or even on the dancefloor! -  to instantly boost your self esteem, get away from the reality for a bit, and light that creative spark.

Exposure to creative objects from different cultures, time periods and artistic styles broadens your horizons and opens your mind to new ideas. Don’t be afraid to experiment and, most importantly, enjoy the process!


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